The only blush palette you will ever need : Benefit Cheekathon

Hey Internet Friends,

I have a confession, an admittance if you will. Ive fallen in love. A special kind of love. Make up Love. I also have a secret for you my loyal readers, I have found the blush palette to end all blush palettes. I showed it you last week, in my London Haul but I tend to write blog posts for this site well in advance, I have actually had the Benefit Cheekathon for a whole month so its time for a little review. You ready?



Benefits new cheekathon palette is the dream team of blushes and bronzers combined in the most beautiful, value for money and special palette I have ever seen. And you probably like me have never heard of it before.
At the weekend I was at my local Benefit counter and the women working there hadn’t even heard of it. So I am going to tell you everything you need to know about why you should 100% buy this product.

Firstly lets start by explaining why its such good value for money.
One blush or bronzer box from Benefit is £23.50.
This palette is £44.50 and you get 5 blushes and bronzers.
Now I know what your thinking, but there not full size products?
But the amazing thing is they are!
For less than the price of two Box O Powders you can have 5?



So why should you buy it?
The shades flatter pretty much any skin tone, I am deadly pale as you all know and I can easily wear every shade.
Lets have a shade breakdown shall we:
Dandelion is a sheer pink tone that makes for a pretty everyday blush, this doesnt have to much shimmer and is super wearable.
Hoola – you guys know this is my holy grail bronzer. The perfect Matte finish thats both build-able and subtle. Perfection.
Rockateur is a rose gold shimmer blush that gives the skin a real flush with insane colour payoff.
Dallas is a blush and bronzer combo that gives your face a flush of colour, this works incredibly well to give definition and warmth.
Coralista is a warm coral blush with a strong shimmer, perfect for the summertime.

From the wrist down – Coralita, Dallas, Rockateur, Holla and Dandelion.

The literal only downside to this palette is the fact that the packaging is absolute enormous. But its just as beautiful as it is big, with Benefit you could to expect beautiful and quality packaging and whilst I appreciate the massive mirror and the brush I will never use it doesnt feel as innovative as some of the other Benefit packaging.

But my faithful ladies and gents, its whats inside that counts!


The brushes I would pair with this palette is the Blush brush which is perfect for both bronzer and blush especially when trying to add definition, I use the expert face brush for popping a bit of blush on the apples of the cheeks and the powder brush for some real smooth blending.

These brushes are the perfect cheekathon palette.

I honestly give the Benefit cheekathon a solid 9/10! It only looses a point because of that annoying brush nobody uses!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Whats your favourite blush shade and product? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx

London Trip including LUSH OXFORD STREET

Hey Internet Friends,

Recently I spent the weekend in London with Jay and to watch my mum run the London Marathon, do a blogger there is nothing more exciting then a trip away because it means new experiences to share with you, when your trip happens to be to the city that has a GIANT lush store things get even better.


These are most of the photographs from my trip and the Lush Oxford Street store. Don’t worry theres a massive london haul next week for you showing all the amazing goodies I picked up.

DSC06478The London Eye from across the Thames

The Tower Of London in the rain!

DSC06505Gorgeous Sweet Treats in Lola’s at Harrods

DSC06506Stunning breakfast at Kings cross followed by a beautiful stroll in St. James Park…

Then off to see the royal guards and Number 10!

And now for the photographs you’ve been waiting for….

Three amazing floors of pure bliss, amazing smells and exclusive products. Its the place of beauty blogger dreams. I was in heaven!

Just imagine the best smell you’ve ever smelt and multiply it by a million. Every product you could ever imagine and all the time in the world to explore, that is Lush Oxford Street in London. The amount of self control needed to not buy every delicious smelling thing you see is unexplainable.
The colours and the brightness are overwhelming and the calming influence amongst the hustle and bustle of central london just washes away.
If you can get to Lush Oxford Street and you haven’t already then you really must!



Hope you guys enjoyed this post about my little trip to London?

Whats your favourite city to visit and why?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx

LIFE UPDATE: Where have I been?

Hey Internet Friends,

Its been a crazy insane month. Absolutely ridiculous actually. Im in over my head.

I can give you no excuse as to why I haven’t been blogging, it deeply saddens me to not be writing to you every week but I did warn you this may happen.

This month I’ve taken on 3 of the most stressful things you’ll ever do in your life. Start your career, buy a home and plan a wedding. Am I insane? Probably a little bit yes.

These are all super exciting things and honestly I couldn’t be happier but life is a little hectic at the moment. So here are the things I’ve done this month that I think you should know about. Ready?

  1. Started my new job
    This job isn’t just a ‘job’, its the beginning of my career. Its a job using my degree and in the UK thats a rare thing at the moment, a lot of university graduates really struggle to get a job in their field and I’m incredibly proud of myself for managing it.
    Now I just have to keep it…
  2. I had an offer excepted on a new home
    I like many people my age am renting an apartment in the city from a private landlord but that annoys me because this isn’t helping set me up for my future.
    So I have taken the plunge into being a homeowner with the help of my parents, I’m moving out of the city which isn’t as convenient and definitely doesn’t have enough decent Thai places. Its very early days and a million things could go wrong, but I’ve got a good feeling about it. Its a start and its a home and thats whats important.
  3. I had my 23rd Birthday and it was amazing! I plan on doing a full post on what I got for my birthday as us blogger types do, but I spent the day with Jay and saw all my family throughout the week which in this mental time was very welcome.
  4. I bought my wedding dress. I say my wedding dress instead of ‘a wedding dress’ because strictly speaking it isnt an actual wedding dress. It wasn’t from a bridal shop and it isnt white but its casual, relaxed and very very me. I wish I could show you and share it with you but unfortunately you have to keep some things a little bit secret!
  5. I’m off to london next weekend which although hasn’t actually happened yet I am very excited. Expect a full post dedicated to it! My mums running the marathon but Im there for an extra two days so I plan on doing lots of shopping – especially at the Lush Oxford Street Store! And my new pad actually has a bath so that means BATHBOMBS

I hope you guys feel a little bit more up to date and I can get back to posting more regularly.

Thanks for understanding.

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx

Current Favourites!

Hey Internet Friends,

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Well you beautiful people, as you know if your a loyal reader of this blog Ive started a new job recently and its been a lot more than I bargained for! I am so busy! I love blogging and I love all of you so hopefully things can calm down soon, I am thinking of changing my post day to Sunday so its a bit easier, how would you feel about that?

Today I want to do a quick catch up with all of you and talk about some of the things I have been LOVING recently. Everything from room fragrance to teeth whitening.
You ready?

DSC06316Wax Melts!
Have you guys tried these yet? Absolutely amazing. Imagine your favourite yankee candle just ten times cheaper and much safer!
I absolutely love candles but Im always scared to leave them on overnight or for a really long time. With this amazing electric wax melter you can burn your favourite scent safely and for so much longer.
The burner itself is beautiful ceramic with intricate detail so it doesn’t look out of place in my living room.
The Yankee Wax Melts are also only £1 and last for a few days burning continuously.
Brilliant product, if you haven’t got one already, what are you waiting for?!


Yes to Body Wash!
Amazing amazing amazing!
They come in a variety of different scents but these two are my favourites.
These products are super kind to the skin and leave your entire body feeling silky smooth and squeaky clean.
I don’t know about you, but I like a lot of soap and foam in my body wash and these natural products really pack a punch when it comes to the amount of bubbles. Absolutely divine!
And the smell, where do I even start with the smell! Amazingly luxurious and smell like little soapy smoothies.


My love for Mac has never been a quiet affair, I practically scream it from the rooftops most of the time but over the past months the drugstore has really been calling out to me.
Unfortunately with my new job where Im out of the house for unto 11 hours a day the drugstore foundation and lipsticks were just not doing the trick, they were leaving my skin patchy and sad.

The Mac Pro Longwear is absolutely brilliant for a long day and looks just as good in the 11th hour then it did in the first especially when you combine it with the Mac Studio Fix powder. The photo below is after 9 hours of wear, pretty impressive right?

I am also loving the Mac lipstick in MEHR MATTE.
Its the perfect shade for the office and it lasts for a super long time, only really coming off when you eat.
Its not an overpowering shade and really would complement any skin tone.



Using Charcoal to whiten teeth.
Now hear me out! I know what your thinking, Charcoals black.
And your right charcoal is black but it does amazing things to remove toxins and staining.
I just take one of the little capsules, mix it with my toothpaste and use it on my teeth.
Easy Peasy!
I then rinse with 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide 6% and 4 parts water.

If you want to hear more about charcoal teeth whitening let me know and I’ll do a full post on it?

Hope you guys enjoyed this current favourites post,

As always leave me links to posts you think I’ll like.

What are your current favourites?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Sunkissed Valentines Day Make Up Look

Hey Internet Friends,

Im here with something a little different today, I’ve decided to bring you a sunkissed make up look that I think will be perfect for Valentines Day and I’ve decided to do a little video to go along with it so you can really see the techniques I use to create the look.


Now if your spending Valentines day with a loved one, with your friends or feeling brilliant on your own its always nice to feel your absolute best, Right?

I think this look is the perfect mix of natural but allows you to feel fully done!
Gentle rose gold eyes with a pinky nude lip and cute light catching highlight.

You can watch exactly how I created this look and please comment and share your thoughts, this is the first video I’ve ever edited so please be kind.

The key products used to create this look are the KIKO eyeshadows, Urban Decay Smokey Pallete, Mac Coffee Eyeliner, Please Me Matte Lipstick from Mac, RollerLash Mascara, Hoola Bronzer and Avon Liquid Highlighter.


Hope you guys have an amazing Valentines Day,

What plans do you guys have for Valentines?

Please leave links below to any posts you think I may enjoy!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Beat the January Blues…

Hey Internet Friends,

Apologise that I missed a post, I haven’t been well but thought I had enough scheduled posts to keep the blog running. Apparently I counted wrong!
January is always a tough all month with a lot of us feeling down in the dumps, me included so as soon as I was feeling up to it I popped into town and picked up some bits and bobs to make me feel better.

I got a collection of things to make me feel a little better to cover all different areas of my personal life. So shall I show you what I picked up?

hairNew year new you? Not so much but new year new hair colour sounds pretty good! I love the Live XXL colours from Schwarzkopf and thought I’d give the cosmic blue colour a shot, Im hoping its going to go like black with a blue shine under the light.
I always use Silvikrin hairspray in level 5 because once Ive done my hair I like it to stay put! A nice big new can is always a mood boost for me.
I also got another tub of the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment I recently reviewed because Im already starting to notice a real difference.

faceI know I have enough Foundation to sink a battle ship but hear me out? Ok?
I love the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and think its a real diamond product for a great price but I especially love mixing it with my Mac Studio Fix Fluid. I find that mixing the two leads to a perfect skin base with just the right colour and desired finish.
Not to mention it makes the more expensive Mac foundation last so much longer.
The wake me up concealer is my go to concealer I love how well it reduces redness and doesn’t go cakey so I thought seen as I need cheering up a new full one might be a bit lovely.

skinThis is a product I’ve never tried before but it just looked so luxurious that I just couldn’t resist.
No7 says about it
An indulgent treat for your skin.Give yourself an indulgent start to the day with this cleansing shower oil. With a combination of nourishing Argan Oil, hydrating Grapeseed Oil and Almond Oil combined with Vitamin E, this gently foaming oil truly transforms your everyday shower. Forumlated with high oil levels which work to condition the skin and moisturise all day long. The oil’s lather gently cleanses, leaving your body feeling soft, supple and hydrated.Hypo-allergenic: Because all skin can have sensitive moments, all our products are hypo-allergenic using ingredients we know and trust.

Im really excited to try this product as I think it will be a real treat for the skin and will make showers extra special.
Exactly what you need in January.

diaryI honestly cant believe its taken this long for me to get a new diary! Its normally one of the first things I do in January and I look forward to it the most.
I got this cute spotty one from Paperchase and it has a page a day and a shared page on weekends so its perfect for what I need.

I hope you enjoyed this little beat the January blues post.

What do you guys do to beat your January blues? 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for HER 2015

Hey Internet Friends,

Look! A post outside of my normal schedule, oh how I spoil you! Just kidding of course, but I wanted to give you a little festive treat and thats why this weekend you’ll be getting a post Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Now, Its always difficult knowing what to buy for people last minute. Maybe you get paid later in the month and haven’t had time for Christmas Shopping yet well don’t worry because I’ve got you covered! All of the things in this post are available for next day delivery or next day collection AND make excellent presents!

Soap & Glory
I love Soap & Glory products because the fragrance and quality of the products feels like High End with a High Street price tag.
There Christmas Gift Sets is no different, fantastic quality and range of products without breaking the bank!

It’s the whole She-Bang
Retailing at £30 you really get a lot of bang for your buck here, this selection includes:
Clean on me Moisture Shower Gel
Sugar Crush Body Buffer
The Righteous Butter
Hand Food Hand Cream
Heel Genius Foot Cream
Thick & Fast Mascara
Peaches & Clean Cleansing Milk
The Righteous Butter Sunkissed tint lotion
Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss
And a gorgeous Cosmetics case.

Thats Make up & Skincare all in one gift set, a very fair find

Belle of the Ball

This is the CUTEST gift set I have seen this year and it contains some amazing miniature products for just £12.
The set includes:

Smoothie Star Body Wash
Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub
Smoothie Star Hand Food
And a Cute little body polisher.

This gift set is absolutely define, I love the fact its practically a full face in a set, it makes it an amazing product retailing at £20
The set includes:
Super Cat Eyeliner Pen
Thick & Fast Mascara
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer
Two applicator brushes
Glow all out Face Powder
Three eyeshadows in the shades Cream Soda, Copper and Choccy

All of these products are available HERE

Benefit Cosmetics
If you come here often then you know what a massive fan of Benefit Cosmetics I am, this brand provides excellent quality products and even more amazing gift sets.

Benefit B.Right! Radiant Skincare Set

This set is practically a miniature night time routine in a box. Its perfect for both skincare newbies or full on pro’s! It retails at around £15.50 and contains:
Flamingly Clean facial wash
Refined finish facial polish
Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
Facial Emulsion
Facial Cream
It’s potent! Eye cream

I can promise you 100% that any lady that you buy this for will absolutely LOVE it.

Party Like A Rockstar
WOW! I might buy this for myself. Look how amazing this is, even the packaging is to die for and the products inside are some of my absolute staples!
The gift set is selling for around £29.50 and contains:
Pore fessional Mini
They’re Real Mascara Mini
Hoola Bronzer & Brush
Roller Lash Mascara Mini
Four neutral eyeshadow shades

How to look the Best at Everything complexion Kit
These really are a genius idea as they come in three different variations light, medium and dark so you can actually pick the right one for almost any complexion.
The set also includes a cute little leaflet that tells you how to get the most out of the products and really enhance your natural beauty.
The sets retail for around £25.5o and contain:
Pore fessional Primer
Boi-ing concealer in two shades
Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation
And a powder cover up.

This is really a fantastic gift and the fact you have a choice of skin tones really does show you have thought about the gift and genuinely care about what your giving.

All of these products are available HERE

I don’t know a single one of my girlfriends that doesn’t love Lush products, all of them would be more that happy to wake up to some lush products on Christmas morning. If you think a gift set isnt personal enough why not grab a box and fill it with a mix of products yourself?
Here are some of the Gift sets that I think are great…

Sweet Christmas Gift Set
Perfect for Bath Junkies this set retailing at £35.5o contains 7 luxury products that will REALLY make her feel special.
The set contains:
Magic Wand Bubble Bar
Rose Jam Bubbleroon
Yog Nog Bath Bomb
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder
The Comforter Shower Cream
Snow Fairy Shower Gel

All super sweet scents that will set your recipient up for a few really relaxing evenings.

Winter Garden
This set is perfect for people that love lush but don’t always have time for baths. Three luxurious products all packaged gorgeously for £16.95, the set contains:
Love and Light Hand Cream
Rose Jam Shower Gel
Respect Your Elders Soap

This scent contains gorgeous floral scents that feel super natural and a real treat for your skin.

Little Snow Fairy
Super cute little set based around Lush’s incredibly popular Christmas Scent Snow Fairy. This set is a brilliant little stocking filler selling at £8.50 containing the Shower Gel and The Lush Fun!
A fantastic little set.

You can buy all these products HERE

Liz Earle Gifts
Liz Earle is the absolute top of my Christmas List this year, super luxurious products that deliver fantastic results for a reasonable cost.
I have chosen three of my favourites for you to consider.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit

The infamously popular hot cloth cleanser by Liz Earle is a fantastic product fully complimented and hyped up by the beauty community. My gosh is it worth the hype. This set comes with the cleanser and two muslin  cloths for the standard price of £15.50

Liz Earle Sparkling Skin Duo Skincare Gift Set

This set includes the everything in the previous set plus the instant boost skin tonic and for £28 really is incredible value when you consider how much more of an amazing gift set it looks like.
Sometimes when giving gifts Im often faced with feeling like ‘this doesn’t look like a lot’ but not only does this look like a whole lot but to the beauty lover in your life it will be everything to them.

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask™ Starter Kit
This is a really nice relaxing gift for any skincare lover in your life, with active ingredients like green clay to draw out impurities, soothing manuka honey and propolis and rose-scented geranium to help tone and balance you really cant go wrong.
The set itself contains the Deep Cleansing Mask and two sponges for the price of £15.75

All of these products can be found HERE

Hope you guys enjoyed these Christmas Gift ideas for Her.

Make sure you check out the Gifts for Him post coming on sunday!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx




A Lush Christmas!

Hey Internet Friends,

I love an excuse to be festive and my local Lush shop really gives me that excuse, even the most grinch like people in the world couldn’t walk in there and not feel a little Christmas Spirit. So whilst I was there filling up on Christmas Cheer I might have picked up a few little Christmas bits…


I couldn’t buy everything I saw in Lush but I did manage to take you some lovely photographs,
Products seen above:
Snow Fairy Range, Snowman Shower Jelly, Snow Angel, Father Christmas, Yog Nog Soap, Holly Golightly, All the pretty Gift Sets.

Now for what I bought…

Joy to the world gift set, Snow Fairy Shower Gel & Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly.

Joy to the world Gift Set


This is such a gorgeous gift set and would make an amazing stocking filler for anyone who loves Lush! Its under £10 and comes with the Love and Light Hand Cream and The Yog Nog Soap.

Love and Light Hand Cream is incredibly luxurious smelling like orange blossom and is really great for this time of year when your skin needs a little more help that usual to be moisturised.

The Yog Nop soap is probably one of my favourite Lush Festive scents, its so strong and warming with heavy fudge scents and a touch of nutmeg. As soon as I got this home I took all the other soaps out of my bathroom so everyone will have to use this one because it smells absolutely amazing!

The packaging for this gift set is so special with thick luxury paper and gold ribbon it really does make it look like a real treat! And its perfect for things like secret santa as it was a low budget with great products and you don’t need to know whether the person prefers baths or showers.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly
Shower Jellys get sort of a mixed review in the beauty world but I’m rather fond of them, especially as a novelty or gift, its far more interesting and creates a real talking point.
The Shower Jelly products are so versatile, you can use them straight from the pot in the shower, freeze them and cut them into manageable chunks and use the to create bubbles for baths. Brilliant!

This Christmas red product is packed with little golden stars, apparently made from seaweed and is based on the popular previous Christmas Scent So White so fresh apple and vegan red wine. Very Christmassy indeed!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This scent is iconic to Lush Christmas products, people look forward to this all year round, I know of some that stock pile it for the rest of the year. For me?! Its ok but any longer than december and the sickliness starts to get to me.
I couldn’t really imagine Christmas without it though!

This has a super sweet smell that leaves your skin feeling unbelievably nourished and soft. Its a real Sweet Treat!
There are tiny sparkles in this that will remain on your skin to an extent but its Christmas so a little sparkle won’t hurt.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little Lush Christmas Post,

Whats your favourite Lush Christmas Product?!

Any new releases your desperate to try?!

Link me to your Lush Christmas Posts in the comments!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx

New everyday Make Up for dark hair

Hey internet Friends,

So I’ve dyed my hair a lot darker for the winter months and noticed very quickly that my previous everyday make up just wasn’t working with my new hair and complexion so Ive changed this round a little bit and Im really pleased with the results. Thought we’d talk about that today….


I use two different lip colours depending how Im feeling and what Im wearing.


For the base I start with my Yes to Moisturiser specially designed for oily skin and using all natural ingredients, I then apply my KIKO natural concealer. I find the blue in this really helps to reduce under eye circles and redness.
The foundation Im using at the moment is a mixture of Mac Studio Fluid Fix and Rimmel Match Perfection, I buff this in really smoothly using the Real Techniques buffing brush.


To begin the work on my eyes I start with the benefits brow zing kit to define my eyebrows and make them closer to my new darker hair.
For the eyeshadow base I use the KIKO cream eyeshadow in this pale shimmer colour, this really helps hold my eyeshadow in place and avoids it creasing as much.
The eyeshadow I use all over the lid is also a KIKO cranberry colour with the white blended slightly to give a softer effect.


I finish of the eye look with working a darker brown colour from my Naked Smoky through the crease and running MAC coffee through both the top and bottom waterline.
The Mascara I use daily is the Benefit They’re Real in Black.
I find this look super simple, easy to create daily and really flattering to my pale complexion and new dark hair. Im also loving the pigmentation from the KIKO shadows.

facedetailBecause my hair is so much darker I really feel the need for bronzer on a daily basis so use my favourite Hoola by Benefit across my cheekbones, jawline, forehead and to accent my nose. This gives my face more definition and stops me looking like the moon.
The Blush I use is from the Benefit Real Cheeky Party pack but is also available as a single shade and when this pack runs out I will 100% repurchase, the shade is called Dandelion and its a beautiful Pale Pink.
I also use the Benefit Watt’s Up cream highlight from this pack.

I finish my skin detail with the Mac Studio Fix Powder, that way it 100% will last all day.


The two colours I have been using are from the Kate Moss Rimmel range because the consistency and longevity of these products is truly wonderful.
The nude shade is the 101 and the darker colour is the infamous 107.

I think both these colours finish of the look remarkably well and are incredibly wearable colours.

Thanks so much for reading guys and I really hope you like my new everyday look(s)!

Do you guys find a slight change in your appearance totally changes your make up game?!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

KIKO Haul 2015

Hey Internet Friends,

I am super excited because a Kiko store has opened near me at Meadowhall in Sheffield and I was there recently and just couldn’t help myself when I saw how incredibly affordable the products were.


The store in meadowhall is set out so beautifully with all the products clearly on display and unlike other stores of a similar layout you don’t have to ask the sales team for products hidden away somewhere else. There all clearly there for you to pick up yourself, its actually an incredibly easy place to shop in.

Also, just a warning, in this post I am going to continuously talk about the prices of these products because I frankly cant believe the true value for money. INSANE.

Infinity High Pigmented EyeshadowDSC03868

The cool thing about these eyeshadows is that there part of this [clics] system so you can buy a bunch of eyeshadows and make your own palette, I know a lot of brands do things like this but not for £2.80 per shadow. That kind of value is insane.

I swatched so many of these shadows in the shop and can safely say not a single one disappointed me, the pigmentation is truly fantastic, I honestly cant wait to pick up more and build a real collection.
The texture of these is really velvety and smooth.

Shades from top to bottom:
229, 292, 200 and 233

Smart Eye Pencil
These eye pencils are so soft and creamy with an incredibly staying power!
There designed to work on both the inner and outer eye to create a defined line.
This retail at around £2.50

I picked up the shades
801 – A dark bronze shade
815 – A lovely smoky grey.

Natural Concealer
Yes, I do realise I have bought blue concealer.
Now let me tell you know why, the blue pigment seriously reduced under eye dark circles and really radiants the skin.
You wouldnt normally find these sorts of products of a specialist nature in a less expensive brand but Ive always wanted to try it so when I saw it for £5.50 I knew I had to give it a try.
And I’m excited about it.

What Kiko Say
Liquid concealer, natural, light and smoothing, easy to apply.
Boasts an effective coverage of dark circles and blemishes, smoothes fine lines while carrying out a purifying action.
Fights free radicals thanks to the vanilla extract.
Protects against the sun, since the vitamin E acts as an antioxidant.”

Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow
DSC03935This is a cream eyeshadow that reminds me of the maybelline colour tattoo or the Mac Paint pots.
I think it will works incredibly well as an eyeshadow base, it has a really gorgeous shimmer to it and I imagine it would also work really well as a highlighter.
This was priced at £6.90

What Kiko Say
Highly blendable, long-lasting cream eyeshadow. The silky and soft texture goes on easily for bold eye make-up that stays on for up to 10 hours.
The formula applies perfectly to the eyelids and feels weightless. The bright shades with velvety finishes add a touch of style to every look.
Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow is enclosed in an elegant glass pot which allows you to clearly see the colour. Available in 16 colour shades with matte or pearl finishes.

I hope you enjoyed this little Haul, I know I did!

Have you guys tried Kiko products before?

What did you think?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx