My Halloween Make up Idea

Hey Internet Friends,

I love halloween! Its one of my favourite holidays and I desperately wish it was celebrated more in the UK, this year Im fortunate enough to be invited to a halloween party so its time to wack out the liquid latex and the fake blood. LETS ZOMBIE UP!

The Base
I start off with a full coverage foundation, my Mac studio fix fluid, making sure to blend this fully for a flawless finish – I want to look dead not like I’m going all glam!

I then apply the liquid latex in layers with a sponge until I get the desired effects, this takes a while as you have to wait for it to dry in-between or it will smudge horribly.

I then take a matte black eyeshadow and dab it around the edge of the liquid latex, this will later add dimension to the fake blood I will apply.

I set the entire base with a white matte eyeshadow to make the face look grey, washed out and fully DEAD!

Top Tips for Liquid Latex
Moisturiser is your friend – apply liberally before starting your base, your skin will thank you later.
If your impatient like me a hair dryer can come in really handy for drying the product in-between applications, also wrinkling your face as it dries helps with the real ‘scar’ look.
If your using it on an area with hair like eyebrows coat them in vegetable oil first, that way you’ll still have your eyebrows left when you take it off!

The Details
detailsAll you need is some black eyeshadow, black or brown eyeliner and some red lipstick.
Get smudging!
Layering/ sandwiching the product really helps to create a prominent and dark look without looking polished.
Anywhere you plan on applying fake blood later lightly dab lipstick as this will really help the intensity of the dried blood to stay looking fresh all night.
I used Mac Coffee eye pencil, Urban Decay basic palette and Mac Russian Red.

The Special bits
finishedThis is the bit that really makes the look amazing and terrifying!
Its also the funnest part.
I love nothing more than seeing how special effect contacts and a good helping of fake blood finishes such an easy halloween look.

My tip for contacts is simple – don’t look up! Most people think that this is the easiest way to apply contacts but I really struggle when I can see them going into my eye thats why I look down, makes those bad boys just hop right in!

The fake blood cost about £1 and yes it will crack throughout the night, there really is no way to avoid that without paying a fortune on special effects make up so just keep some with you and dap a little on when you go to the bathroom, the cracked stuff underneath will just add to the texture.


Hope you guys enjoyed this quick halloween post!

What are you guys going as this year?

Leave me a link below to your Halloween ideas!

Happy Spooking, speak soon,

HollyPop x x x

First Impressions : Soap & Glory

Hey Internet Friends,

I might have slightly maybe been shopping and bought some new shower products. I know what your thinking, how many products can one person uses?
BUT Ive never owned any Soap & Glory products before and nobody can deny a 3 for 2 offer can they? So I want to share with you what I picked up and my first impressions of the products.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub
DSC02925What Soap & Glory Says:
Exfoliator with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts. Features a great new maple fragrance.

This is a relatively inexpensive body scrub retailing at around £8 for a 300ml tub.
I actually very sneakily opened this in the shop and it was the amazing smell that made me want to buy it so much, it smells exactly like an amazingly sweet breakfast smoothie.

Oat and Shea butter work as to moisturise dry skin.
Cupuacu is a natural exfoliant and gentle enough to use daily.
Packed full of Vitamin E and A so incredibly beneficial for damaged skin.
Almond is commonly known as food for your skin as it really nourishes and tightens.
Honey is a great moisturiser and gives a super nice smell.

I love this scrub! Where has it been all my life and how do I marry it?
It smells absolutely amazing and is really moisturising, I don’t necessarily think it is the best scrub to work as an exfoliator as it is sugar based and not salt but its pretty amazing otherwise.
If you haven’t tried it already GO AND BUY IT.


Clean On Me Shower GelDSC02940What Soap & Glory says:
Soft, smooth, sexy skin whenever you want it. Contains natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance.”

This shower gel is enormous! For £6.50 you get half a litre of product, amazing value.
It lathers up so well when used with a shower puff and you really don’t need a lot of product for a fantastic lather. I think this smells like perfect mixture of floral and cake.
The scent form this product isn’t overpowering however it does linger on the skin after the shower so thats especially lovely considering the scent.
The product also contains a body lotion so leaves you skin feeling incredibly soft, especially if used with the breakfast scrub.

I give this a massive and well deserved 9/10

Glad Hair DayDSC02952What Soap & Glory says:
No build-up formula with raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol to gloss, smooth, repair and strengthen. For all hair types including highlighted and heat processed.”

For a shampoo suitable for all hair types including heat processed and highlighted this is a reasonably priced product retailing at £5.50.
I have a constant struggle with hair that goes greasy really quickly, and this is the first drugstore brand I have found that solves this problem. It gives my hair a lovely shine and texture and I am ridiculously hard to please so well done Soap & Glory!
This shampoo also has an amazing fruity fragrance that makes my hair, bathroom and everything else smell absolutely divine!

Im giving this a 8/10

Soap and Glory gets my vote! I love the packaging and the amazing smells.

What Soap and Glory Products do you guys love?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

My Grandmothers all time Favourites.

Hey Internet Friends,

If you come to my blog then you know about my glamorous gran! She’s one of my best friends, she’s given me my passion for beauty and skincare products and like all Grandmothers should she can always no matter what be who I turn to for anything and everything.
Since I started this blog I’ve wanted to share this with you, Ive wanted to write this post for so long that now its here I just want you guys to love it and I want you to love her.
So without any further rambling here are my grandmothers all time favourites….

Me and My Grandmother Sylvia

DSC02920Now before we start I need to say something, I know you should never say a ladies age but lets pretend Im whispering it? That way it doesn’t really count?
My Grandma is 71 and in this post she’s listed a lot of skincare options for you lovely lot so when your a bit more mature you can have  skin as nice as this.
My gran has a dry skin type but Im fairly sure these products will work for all skin types.

The Favourite Products
DSC02850Astral Cream, Nivea, Atrixo, Johnsons baby shampoo, Elizabeth Arden and Clinique.

Astral Cream

The Original formula that my Grandma uses is specifically formulated for mature skin and for use as a multipurpose moisturiser, this basically means any dry skin anywhere this will solve your problem.
I feel like for younger skin this would work fantastically as a night cream, its super thick and with active ingredients like Lanolin and Glycerine it instantly locks moisture into your skin.

What my Grandma Says:
Its ideal for moisturising the skin! Its been around for over 60 years, my mother used it before me and it is so reasonably priced. If your on a budget and cant afford the posh stuff, give this a try!

And she’s incredibly right! At £3.89 from Boots you just cant go wrong.
Also, Astral have brought out a light and creamy formulation for a more oily skin type like me.

Now who doesn’t have a pot of Nivea kicking about the house somewhere?
I personally love this stuff and so does my grandma, nivea is a brand that you know is good because its been used for generations.
Nivea works as a great all round moisturiser applying twice a day – once in the morning before make up and once at night after removing your make up. It gives you perfectly that moisturised skin, that doesn’t feel all horrible and greasy. The cream soaks into skin, giving the perfect result of soft, smooth skin.

What my Grandma says:
Nivea is another tried and tested moisturiser. This has also been sold for a long time, It contains ingredients like glycerin so leaves the skin really soft

Nivea now has an improved formula with Jajoba Oil that contains even more moisturising care, while Vitamin E helps protect its natural structure.

Now Id never heard of this stuff before, my Grandma does like to have her secrets, so I did a little research and this is what I found….

* Formulated with natural Camomile to keep your skin soft and smooth.
* Apply on clean hands whenever they feel taut and dry for
instant relief.
* Available in 50ml & 200ml tubs and 100ml tube.
* Product has been available for over 50 years
* Sinks into skin quickly for instant relief

And I must tell you on smelling this at my Grandmothers, I want it. It seems like its exactly what I need for my horrendous dermatitis hands and the next time I’m in boots I will certainly be making a purchase.

What my Grandma Says:
“This hand cream is ideal for dry hands and sensitive skin without causing any irritation”

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
If this wasn’t in my grandmas favourites I would be incredibly upset and let me tell you why. Every single time I call her up with a skin complaint she recommends this stuff, now I know what your thinking, Holly thats shampoo. But wait, hear her out because she’s onto something here guys!

What my grandma says:
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo doubles as a face wash and opticians recommend this for sensitive eyes. If you thought this was for babies then think again! Wash your hair and face with this and ditch the chemicals

Elizabeth Arden Cream Foundation
Elizabeth ArdenThis luxurious product is a medium to full coverage cream foundation, with elizabeth arden promising that the product will hydrate and offer radiance-boosting coverage this is due to the micronised diamond powder and soft focus microspheres, the idea behind this is that it bounces the light away to minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores.

What my Grandma says:
“I love Ardens flawless finish, I have the toasty beige and although it looks dark once applied it blends nicely and doesn’t crease or become patchy like most cream foundations’

I will say guys, this is a pricey product retailing at £25 but it is a fantastic product with a long established credibility.

Clinique eyeshadow Trio
When my Grandma first showed me this palette I was so jealous! It looks like the perfect everyday palette and I think the three steps really make it so easy to create a fantastic neutral look. I also imagine the base colour would work amazingly as a cheek highlighter.
I remember when I first started showing an interest in make up one of the first products I bought was from Clinique purely because it was the only brand I knew was good and that was because my grandma wore it.
I remember thinking it was so expensive and a real luxury, thats where it all began for me. That feeling of having something special and it making you feel special.

What my Grandma says:
“Clinique eyeshadows come in a lovely range. I have a trio set of chocolate chip, strawberry fudge and daybreak – they sound good enough to eat! This palette comes with a handy mirror and a brush”

With Special Thanks
When I first asked my grandmother to collaborate with me on this blog post it was originally about delivering great content to you, my followers and my friends.
Its become a little more than that to me, its given me an opportunity to learn a little bit more about my grandmother. And that is a rare gift to be given.
Its no secret to anyone who knows me personally what a valued addition to my life she is, its also no secret that I value her opinions on  my life and she is who I turn to for advice.
And thats why most of you come here, for advice and opinions so its been amazing to involve her in this, Ive learnt a lot and I hope you have too.

Thank you Grandma for being a part of this, nothing I ever ask from you is too much and it means the world to me.
I love you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What beauty tips and tricks did you learn from your family?

Any comments left for my gran I will be sure to pass along. 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Winter Night in : Featuring NEW Lush face mask.

Hey Internet Friends,

Winter is fast approaching and with the nights getting longer and colder its nice to have a lovely routine to make you feel all warm and cosy! I spend a lot of evenings on my own in the flat these days due to my Fiancés new job so this is how I like to keep myself happy in Winter.

First of all its time to get a little bit snuggly…
dressing gown
I like to get all lovely and comfortable in my pyjamas and then to top it off for that little extra clothing hug I am loving my new dressing gown from Marks & Spencer.
It also probably wouldn’t be a Night in for me without a pretty candle and my current choice is a incredibly cost effective candle from Air wick that is a berry scent for the festive season.

Next its time to remove the Make Up of the day

As mentioned in my September Favourites, I have never found a better make up remover than the Garnier Micellar Water and the new Mattifying version really is brilliant for oily skin.
It takes all my make up off including waterproof mascara almost instantly.

Now my skin is all lovely and clear its time for the Skin Mask. 
The New Don’t look at me mask from Lush
facemaskWhat Lush Says:
“Well, hello, don’t be shy. I caught you looking at my rich, exfoliating texture, filled with nourishing murumuru butter. I saw you checking out my ground rice. Let me assure you that I’m all substance: they’ve packed me full of zingy lemon juice to tone your complexion, Tunisian neroli to brighten and organic silken tofu to soften you up in all the right ways. A dash of rice syrup and grapefruit oil will have you coming back for more of my scrubby, softening skincare goodness.”

Key Ingredients
Lemon Juice (and lots of it judging by the smell)
Murumuru Butter – from the seeds of a brazilian palm tree
Grapefruit Oil

First Impressions
This product smells absolutely amazing, I mean honestly truly divine and the colour is so fun I cant help but love it!
My skin seemed a more even colour and really toned. The exfoliating little bits in this mask have worked wonders for my pores.
I think I might have found a new favourite!

While I wait for my skin mask to set, I move onto nails. 
My perfect colour for both a cosy night in and to compliment the berry tones I love throughout the colder months I have chosen Bright Purple by Barry M.
It comes out a lot darker than the bottle would suggest but it really is a beautiful colour.

Snacks & Entertainment
snacks and book
Nothing beats a cosy night in than snacks! Tonight Im choosing my absolute favourite cookies Maryland Double Chocolate Chips.
The cookies will go down a treat while I enjoy my super relaxing and fun adult colouring book.
The book is Enchanted Forest by Johanna Bamford and its so intricate and beautiful I could get lost in it for hours, the perfect end to a perfect relaxing night.

Hope you guys enjoyed a warm and cosy night in with me!

Whats your cosy night in must haves?

Have you tried any of what I mentioned? What did you think?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Where to buy
Dressing Gown (Similar) –

Micellar Cleansing Water –

Don’t look at me mask –

Barry M Nail Paint –

Colouring Book –


Hey Internet Friends,

Today is an exciting day, the winner of my Giveaway has been chosen by a random list generator and I am so excited! The response has been phenomenal and for those of you that didn’t win I am really sorry, I wish I could send you all presents. But please keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways soon!

@IcySedgwick on Twitter.
Please message me on twitter so I can get your details to send your products!

I hope you love these products as much as I do.

I am pleased to tell you that you have won:
Hot Smoked Pallete (UD Smoky Dupe)
Essential Mattes 2 Pallete (perfect staple palette)
Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit (UD Flushed Dupe)
Lipstick Cheer
Lipstick Mystify
Lipstick Sweetheart
Black Eyeliner with sharpening lid. 
e101 Eyeshadow brush
2103 Blending eyeshadow brush

I would like to thank all of you for your constant love and support, you have given me a place to be myself and to make friends and for that I love you.

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xx

The Body Shop Spa : Body Scrub & Body Clay

Hey Internet friends,

I think every blogger and there grandmother has talked about these products recently, mainly because the launch of them was a very big deal. Ever since reading about them everywhere I have been desperate to try just one part of the range, every single time I go in the body shop I give them a sniff and I find myself talking about them constantly! The next logical step was obviously to own them right?

Both Products

The two products I purchased are the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay. The  ‘Spa of the World’ collection includes a variety of different products organised by ritual – the rituals can be identified by the coloured tabs attached to the label. The idea is that each ritual will give you your very own spa session at home! The products I chose are part of the Revitalising ritual.

How The Body Shop website explains the Revitalising Ritual.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Salt Scrub packaging

The packaging for this product and all the products in the Spa of the world collection are absolutely beautiful. They look like high end products that would fit in at any Spa and it certainly looks beautiful in my bathroom cabinet.
Its also fairly good value for money, especially for such a luxurious product, when you consider that the normal body scrub from the body shop is £13.00 for 200ml and this little beauty is £20 for 350ml. That works out 79p cheaper per 100ml!

I have been using this product for around a week now and I can safely say it is the best scrub I have ever had and if you come here often you will know I LOVE a good body scrub. It makes my skin look and feel amazing, the softest it has ever felt, the smell is absolutely gorgeous on the skin and It makes me really eager to try the other scrubs from the collection.

Active ingredients and what The Body Shop thinksSalt Scrub consistency

The Body Shop says:
Dead Sea salt is precious for its high mineral content and its coarse crystals, the perfect texture to reveal fresher-looking skin and stimulate circulation when massaged into skin. Use this invigorating scrub as part of our revitalising ritual when you want your body and mind to feel instantly re-energised.
Resurfacing body scrub
Exfoliates skin leaving feeling refreshed
Revitalises body and mind
With sea salt from the Dead Sea

The ethical Ingredient:
Soya oil from Gebana Brazil. Gebana produces soya oil from GM-free, organically grown soya beans cultivated in the hinterlands of the Iguazu River. Gebana comprises around 350 families, mostly smallholder farmers.

The soya oil in this product does make the texture a little thicker and less creamy then most of The Body Shop scrubs. But thats actually a feature I like as it allows you to be more aware of how much product your using, a lot less seems to go a longer way.

Verdict 9/10 
Honestly if it wasn’t £20 and therefore a lot harder to justify then most scrubs this would be a 10 without a doubt!

Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay
Clay ProductaThe idea behind this product is similar to a face mask except this is for the whole body, your expected to apply a generous layer onto thighs, stomach and arms and wait for ten minutes. After 10 minutes you will notice that the clay begins to dry and harden making your skin feel much tighter, it is a real challenge to wash it off but my skin did feel a lot smoother than before. As for firmness, I’m 22 it cant get much firmer….

What The Body Shop says
Rhassoul clay is treasured by Moroccan women for its skin firming power, as this mineral-rich mask absorbs excess water and oil, allowing skin to tighten and feel firmer as it dries. Use this toning mask as part of our revitalising ritual when you want your body and mind to feel re-energised. 

Firming clay body mask
Contours the body to leave skin looking and feeling more toned
Revitalises body and mind
With Rhassoul clay from The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The Ethical Ingredient
The silky sesame seed oil in our products is cultivated in Achuapa, a community nestled in the hills of northern Nicaragua. The Juan Francisco Paz Silva Cooperative (JFPS) sow and harvest sesame seeds by hand, then carefully press and filter them to produce a rich, high quality oil. JFPS was set up by Nicaraguan farmers in 1990 to combat a dwindling local sesame market, and has now grown to a 275-strong cooperative recognised by UNDP and Oxfam as a pioneering business model.

On Skin application
CLAY application
As you can see the product looks a lot like a spa mud bath and I imagine thats where the Body shop got their inspiration from. It is awkward standing around with this product on for ten minutes but I just used that time to cleanse my face and do my facial skincare.

Verdict 6/10
Its a lovely product don’t get me wrong, the only trouble is that I don’t know if its the right product for me. Its supposed to be a firming product but my skin doesn’t feel firmer, just softer. Its still a lovely little treat for when you want to really pamper yourself but I don’t think Id repurchase.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little product review, I know I’ve enjoyed the products!

Have you tried The Body Shop Spa of the World range yet? What did you think?

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Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxxx

Receiving a Giveaway :

Hey Internet Friends,

I think the best thing about having a blog is the community you become a part of, the ideas and knowledge that you can share with each other and the amazing people you meet. There has been one blog that has supported me from the start and thats Shanice or so as you can imagine when I received a notification to say I had won her latest giveaway I was absolutely ecstatic! So lets have a little look at what she sent me shall we?


The products involved were fairly high end and contained the Benefit They’re Real Sexy Steal kit, The Naked Basic Palette, NYX Blush, Art Deco Precision Liner and the infamous Mac’s Matte Russian Red.
Who wouldnt be happy to receive these wonderful products?!

Products InvolvedDSC02678This mascara is absolutely amazing! I mean full on must have product.

DSC02693The entire eye make up I create below was made entirely with this palette.
Fantastic staple product

DSC02703Why is this not everywhere? This product should be being talked about by EVERYONE.
It makes liquid eyeliner an absolute breeze!

DSC02706Classic, Amazing, beautiful! This is a fantastic colour and a real iconic look. 

DSC02726Super super pigmented! And a fantastic colour for the Winter season.

There isn’t one product within these that I couldn’t see myself using all the time. The Real Sexy kit is just a fantastic well rounded product while the Naked Basic palette contains a fantastic staple of colours.
The Precision Liner and Blush are products that I never knew I needed but now I doubt I will be able to live without them. The blush is really fantastically pigmented and the Liner makes cat eyes and fine lines really really easy!
Now, Russian Red. What a beautiful and iconic colour! This can take any classic and simple daytime look to a glamorous nighttime look in seconds.

The Look I created
Simple smoky eye with the iconic red lip.

Thanks so much to Shanice for the constant support and giving me the chance to have these amazing products as part of my collection.

Please guys go and check Shanice out now, her blog is so amazing and you won’t regret following! You can find her HERE

Also if you haven’t already, the chance to enter my giveaway is still possible until next Friday!
You can Enter HERE. 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

My go to Perfume Collection : October 2015

Hey Internet Friends,

So I like most women love perfume, I love everything about it from testing scents, receiving the compliments, the nostalgia that a scent can bring all the way to receiving them as gifts. So today I want to talk to you about the Go to perfumes that live in my cute little bathroom, the scents I reach for all the time.

All shelfFrom Left to Right : Britney Fantasy, Tender Stalking, CK one Shock, Police, YSL Black Opium & Lancome Tresor.

I find this selection of perfumes hold the perfect choice of scents for different occasions both day time and night. I’ll talk you through some of them a little bit…

Britney Fantasy
Let me start by saying I hate how much I love this perfume, celebrity endorsed products are my least favourite thing in the world and I often find the packaging for them just as unappealing. The packaging for this is no different, its ugly, tacky and childish.
But that doesn’t stop me loving this ugly duckling.

Fantasy is the second release from Britney Spears under Elizabeth Arden and has been around for a fair while. The scent itself is a very sweet gourmand, what does that mean I hear you ask? A gourmand scent is apparently when the perfumer has used edible notes in the making process.

I tend to wear this perfume for working days as it isn’t over powering with its sweet undertones and fruity scent but the longevity of this is brilliant. It really does last all day, and for the price you really cant fault that.

Calvin Klein CK One Shock for her

Firstly let me start by saying, I have been repurchasing this since I was 19 so to me it holds a special place in my heart.
Its not actually a perfume either, its an Eau de Toilette so it actually doesn’t last that long at all, maybe four hours tops.

Calvin Klein  says that CK One Shock has top notes of passionflower, pink peony, and poppy flower; mid notes of liquid chocolate accord, blackberry, narcisse, and jasmine; and base notes of vanillin, patchouli, ambers, and skin musk.

Whatever the hell all that means? I just know that it smells sweet and fresh with fruity undertones and that makes it perfect for an everyday scent if your just nipping out of the house for a little while for lunch or something. Its an easy and wearable smell.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
Look at how empty this is!
That clearly shows how much I love it.
The packaging for this is absolutely beautiful and looks truly stunning on any bathroom shelf, the sparkles and glass cut out really makes for a beautiful looking product to make you feel special. My only issue obviously is because its YSL its fairly pricey.

YSL describe it as a Floral Coffee scent but I strongly disagree with this description, this may be what they aimed for but it doesn’t resinate with my experience of the product. I absolutely hate coffee scents so that would be an instant put off for me, in my opinion the scent is a floral liquorice scent.Ysl states that the key smells are coffee, pink pepper, orange blossom, pear, jasmine, vanilla, musk and cedar.

This perfume is my absolute go to special occasion perfume, I love it so much and it makes me feel truly amazing and beautiful. When this one dies a death (looks like soon) I will certainly repurchase and probably the new Black Opium Eau de Toilette too.

Lancome Tresor
Lancome Tresor is a classic scent that has been around since 1990 and its lasted this long because its a good product. Simple.
It has a beautiful scent a great longevity.

Trésor is primarily a rose fragrance but not in the way you’d associate with retirement homes and old people.
Lancôme’s website calls Trésor a floral oriental and lists its top notes as apricot blossom and rose; its heart as lilac, iris, and peach; and its base as amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.

I prefer to keep this as a special occasion choice purely based on the longevity and price tag but I feel this could easily be considered for an everyday perfume. I love the packaging and feel the classiness of this product truly shows and thats exactly how it makes you feel when you wear it.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little look into my go to perfume collection.

Whats your favourite perfume(s) at the minute?

If you haven’t already, you can still enter my Make Up Revolution Giveaway HERE for another week! Go on its super easy! 🙂

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxxx

September Favourites: 2015

Hey Internet Friends,

Everyone loves a good favourites post, right? Well I do anyways! So without any further waffling from me, lets get started shall we…

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I love love love this stuff! Its an absolute game changed, its the best make up remover i have ever tried. Its like the make up just glides off, its cut down my everyday skincare routine by so much time. I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it.
I have been using the pink version for sensitive skin but have repurchased the green combination skin version as I think it will be better for my oil skin and give me the matte finish I prefer so I shall let you know how I get on with that if your interested?

Mac Studio Fix Powder – Shade NW10
Im normally incredibly loyal to my Rimmel Stay Matte powder but after trying this for the month I am completely sold. It has so many different uses, as a setting powder a medium coverage foundation and full coverage over the odd bits of concealer.
It lasts absolutely all day and I never have to retouch it so thats a firm 10/10 in my opinion.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – Shade 101 matteDSC02556I like to call this lipstick ‘my lips but better’, because thats exactly what it is! The perfect matte nude colour that enhances my lips natural colour. This is really easy to apply, you don’t have to worry about it bleeding or smudging and the creamy texture isn’t overly drying for a matte lipstick.

Username: Evie by Joe Sugg
Ok, so im not exactly a massive Graphic Novel fan. When I was a kid I used to absolutely love them and read them all the time but since then not so much.
I purchased this book because I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about and I got to support Team internet in the process.
I was actually really amazed at the wonderful story Joe and his team created about E. Scape and the hidden youtube easter eggs were a really nice treat!

Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking
I recently watched The Theory of Everything and really wanted to know more so my fiance ordered me the book it was based on.
Im only just getting into this book and it is fairly difficult to read because of the complex vocabulary but it really is a well written book and it doesn’t feel like Non-fiction at all, it feels like a beautiful story with beautiful characters.

Vans Authentic Shoes
DSC02572Every pair of shoes has a story and these are no different, I purchased these because I was at my local shopping centre Meadowhall when my feet started absolutely killing and my boots were rubbing. I didn’t want to go home and miss out on all the shopping fun so I purchased these with 20% off student discount and let me tell you I had forgotten just how comfy Vans are.
It feels like Im permanently wearing slippers, they go with literally everything and anything and are perfect for an all day shoe.
So so so glad my feet were hurting enough for me to buy these!

I hope you guys enjoyed my September Favourites as much as I enjoy reading other peoples.

Whats your september favourites? Let me know in the comments. 

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Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx