Payday Haul!! : Mac, Benefit, Bodyshop & Lush


Hey Internet Friends,
So as I posted the other day, I was going shopping as Ive worked loads and loads of overtime and really fancied treating myself! There has been some products that I have been after for a while and some that you guys have recommended. I hope you enjoy a nosey through my little haul!

MacStudio Fix Fluid in the shade NW13
This foundation promises a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage.
I went into my local Mac at Debenhams because I’ve heard amazing things about the foundation and really wanted to try it for myself, the lady at the counter was so nice and matched me super quickly.
My only complaint with this is like the Nars foundation it doesn’t come with a pump, thats an extra £4. Which obviously you have to buy otherwise your in for a spilt foundation nightmare.

Matte Please Me Lipstick
I instantly fell in love with this shade and absolutely love the matte finish of Mac Lipsticks so I think it will make a wonderful part of my collection.

The Body Shop
Body ShopCocoa Butter Body Scrub
Everyone who reads this blog will know what a lover I am of the body shop and of Body Scrubs. The smell from this is absolutely divine and I cant wait to try it and tell you all about it!

Insta Blur.
Best Primer EVER – This is obviously a repurchase.

LushBrazened Honey
This mask promises to rejuvenate and detoxify your skin – whatever that means!
I just know it smells amazing and looks like a thick formulation so hopefully I will love it!

I am so happy to have this mask! I’ve read so many amazing things and it smells absolutely delicious. Like Ice Cream, cake mix and galaxy chocolate all in one!
This is a deep cleansing mask and great for oily skin.

DrugstoreBenefit Roller Lash
Ok, Ok, Im buying into the hype. Ive heard amazing things about this mascara and I just want to try it. I seriously hope it lives up to my expectations.
Benefit says “It’s a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls…while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours.”

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Stormy
I picked up this eyeliner because I thought it would work well with natural eye make up especially my Naked palettes and I’ve been wearing the same black eyeliner for too long. Its time for something new!

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel.
This is another repurchase and I couldnt live without this product. I use it every single day for giving my eyebrows a strong defined brown. Love it!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing my little payday haul. 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Would you like to see me review any of these products in detail?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x x

July Beauty Favourites!

Hey Internet Friends,
This is actually my first ever beauty ‘favourites’ post and I am ridiculously excited to share it with you! These are the products I have absolutely been loving through the month of July.
I like to try and keep my make up more neutral and natural throughout the summer months and these are the products I have been using and loving.
If you read my blog, some of these products you will expect and some of them you might not.
Lets get cracking shall we…

Brush of the Month
Scultping BrushSculpting Brush Real Techniques.
I absolutely love this brush and as I’ve mentioned it before it has changed my foundation game probably forever! It makes blending absolutely easy and my skin looks completely flawless afterwards.
Its also great for its designed purpose of contouring, it makes the job super easy and all blends beautifully for a really natural finish.
Not to mention, its a very good looking brush, it feels nice to hold and it holds its shape brilliantly after washing. If your going to buy one new brush anytime soon, please let it be this one!

Boi ing Industrial Strength Concealer
I know what your thinking, HollyPop why are you spending so much money on concealer when there are so many amazing ones at lower prices?
And your right! However this product is a little pot of miracles, look how much I love it, its at the Pan!
This product works for covering blemishes and hiding dark circles, the application is creamy and immediately gives brilliant coverage, this product is also anti-bacterial meaning it is really good for troubled area.
Top tip for this product, if you warm it between your hands before application it goes on a lot smoother and you barely have to blend at all.

Bronze Blush and Highlight
Contour PaletteRevolution Make Up Contour Kit.
I bought this on a bit of a whim because I couldnt believe it would be any good for such a small price. Gosh, was I wrong!
The highlight especially in this kit is absolutely beautiful and perfect for adding a little sparkle to your skin. I really am glad I picked it up as I think its perfect for summer months.

Nail Varnish
Barry MBarry M Gelly Nail Paint in Chai
Im loving the more neutral colours for my nails recently purely because my dermatitis is being horrible to me so I don’t like drawing attention to my hands but I feel so weird without nail polish on!
The colour pay off from this product is actually amazing for a light colour, it only needs two coats to be fully covered and the shine from it is absolutely stunning.
A very elegant colour that goes with everything.

Pink PlaidPink Plaid Matte by Mac
Ive spoken about this a lot this month, purely because I found it so hard to find the perfect nude matte lipstick and when I did find this I was so incredibly happy.
I absolutely love this colour and feel it really completes a natural make up look and the matte finish really allows the eye make up to pull full focus in any look.
Also, this like all mac lipsticks is highly pigmented with incredible longevity. Im talking half a day with drinking and eating in between. Absolutely brilliant!

So guys, what products have you been loving this month?

Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned, what did you think to them? 

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x x

Calling all beauty addicts!

Hey Internet Friends,

Tomorrow is payday and that means one thing in my lovely little life. Make Up Shopping!!!
I am writing this rather unusual post because I’m looking for your suggestions on some products I may love and that will become a valued part of my collection. So bring on those suggestions in the comments.

A short list of things I could do with you all recommending:
Foundation – preferably matte with medium to full coverage that blends well.
Mascara – Black, always!
A nice selection of Matte eyeshadows
Lipsticks – nudes and berry tones
A new primer for me to try.

So beauty addicts, what you got for me?!

Speak Soon,

HollyPop xxx

Make Up of the day: flawless foundation and simple eyes.

Hey Internet Friends,

Just another quick post about my make up of the day! Today I felt really good about my make up due to the wonderful results from using the Real Techniques Sculpting brush (you can read about my brush collection Here). Using this new brush from Real Techniques has really changed my foundation game. This really buffs in the foundation product allowing your skin to look airbrushes and natural, I used the No7 beautifully matte foundation for this look.
DSC00932I think my skin looks lovely using this new brush, I also used the same brush to work my bronzer into my face and feel it looks a lot more natural and buffed.
I cant recommend this brush enough.

eyesBecause I really wanted my skin to pull full focus on this look I used eyeshadows from the Naked 2 palette and a nude matte lipstick from Mac in Plaid pink.

Whats your secret to perfectly buffed and blended skin?
I’d love to hear your opinions.

Where to buy:
Real Techniques Sculpting brush –

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation –

Naked 2 palette –

Mac Plaid Pink Matte –

St. Tropez in Shower Gradual Tan Lotion : A tanning virgin’s dream!

Hey Internet Friends,
Today I want to speak to you about an amazing product I have recently discovered due to this blog! This product has been reviewed a lot throughout the community and it has mixed reviews. I am of course talking about the St. Tropez in shower gradual tan lotion, I recently picked this product up when it was on sale at boots for £9.50. Bargain!
All opinions as always are my own. 

DSC00929The product is super easy to use, the idea is that you complete your usual shower regime and when your completely finished turn off the shower and apply the lotion style product all over the skin in circular motions, wait for three minutes and rinse. Easy as that.
St. Tropez have created this little video so you can really understand the best way to use the product.
The process is super super easy and as you can see from the video allows for an even coverage.
The only slight bug bear is that you have to stand like a sticky statue for three minutes in your turned off shower feeling rather bored and silly. Small price to pay for a natural tan if you ask me?
You don’t need a tanning glove as long as you wash the palms of your hands after use, so thats another common tanning problem avoided.
Doing your back can be a challenge, you will need a helper – suppose that could be a bit awkward.
The product itself does have a slight tan smell, you know the chemically baby wipe smell?
But (and this is a big but) I can never smell it on my skin afterwards, making a nice change from other tanning products.

If your an avid tanner who likes to be really dark instantly this isn’t the product for you.
If like me your a little scared to properly ‘tan’ because you don’t have the confidence or you want something more natural and gradual than this is the product for you.
Ive used the product for around a week and I can certainly notice a difference, my skin looks healthier and glowing like I’ve had a weekend away.
This product is natural, slow developing and easy to apply and that makes me love it so much.
Im incredibly pale usually so have always found tanning products a little intimidating and presumed I would love patchy, streaky and overdone. But not with this product, this product makes me feel fantastic about myself.

Have you tried the St.Tropez in shower Gradual Tan lotion? What do you think?
What are you tanning go to’s?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x

My Make Up Brush Collection

Hey Internet Friends,
I have been wanting to do this post ever since I started this blog, not because my collection is massive or because I want to show off, just because brushes are one of my favourite things in all things beauty. But this is a long post to write so I needed the time to do it justice and do it properly.
Ps. I don’t usually use brushes for what they say there for…

All brushes out

In PotI like to keep my brushes on top of my make up cabinet, in this cute little utensils pot. This way not only are my brushes right where I get ready in the morning but I can also see everything I have without having to unroll matts and cases which can become tiresome.
All my brushes are synthetic and therefore cruelty free and super soft.
Not to mention, look how pretty they are!

Face Brushes
Foundation Brush
Real Techniques Face Brush
This is the more standard and expected foundation application brush, this brush is angled which means it works great for full coverage foundation.
Sculpting BrushReal Techniques Sculpting Brush
This brush has a wide angled edge designed to make contouring easy and really be used to shape the face however I tend to use this brush for foundation application. I find it works really well for medium and build able coverage as you can really blend the product well.
Expert Face BrushReal Techniques Expert Face Brush
This brush is also designed with the application of foundation in mind however I prefer to use it to apply blusher and highlight, I have a really small face and feel this fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks.
Blush BrushReal Techniques Blush Brush
Although this would work wonderfully as a blusher brush I much prefer it for applying setting powder, I feel like this brush would be too large to apply blusher to my face and due to its amazing blending quailty works really well for finishing powder.
Blusher no7No7 Blusher Brush
Because of my tiny face, this again is a brush that I use differently from its intended purpose. I tend to use this brush for my bronzer and contouring as it really lets me find the lines of my face and is a really nice blender.
ConcealerNo7 Concealer Brush
Love love love this brush! Honestly couldn’t live without it, this is perfect for blending concealer especially in difficult places like under the eyes and around the nostrils.
Although I do find that product just sticks to this brush and its very stubborn to clean.

Eyes & Brows
Base Shadow
Base Shadow Brush
This brush was bought as part of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set and is perfect for applying base eye colours and applying a lighter colour to the whole lid.
eyecolourNo7 Eye colour brush
Because this is a cheaper brush than the Real Techniques I prefer to use this for applying eyeshadow primers. The reason I prefer to use a cheaper brush for this is because the primers can be really thick and tend to damage bristles especially if not cleaned straight away.
CreaseReal Techniques deluxe crease brush is again part of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set and is absolutely perfect for applying the darker colour to the crease and for blending packed shadow bases.
accent brushReal Techniques accent brush is also part of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set and works great for detailed work like the inner eye, brow highlighting and smudging.
Fine line brushReal Techniques fine line brush is another part of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set for application of gel, creme and liquid eyeliner and is an incredibly detailed brush that allows you to get super close to the lash line.
Brow BrushReal Techniques brow brush is the last part of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set that works really well with my benefit zing brows kit and general application of powder to the brows for a really defined look.
Brow Brush 2This brush I do sometimes use for eyebrow application but I also like to use it for lip lining and smudging as the angled edge and smudging side work super well for getting lipstick super perfect, especially if its a tricky one like Kate Moss Rimmel 107.

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my brush collection, I desperately wanted to post this because I LOVE reading posts like this!

Do you have any brushes that you use for a different purpose?
Can you recommend any other brushes I should be adding to my collection?

Speak Soon,

HollyPop x x

Manicure Monday: Barry M Ballerina

Hey Internet Friends,

Just want to share with you a quick post about a Nail Varnish I am loving at the moment. I think the colour is so elegant and compliments every look. The reason I want to do this post quickly is because I am working on a MASSIVE post for you tomorrow all about my Make Up Brush Collection. If your interested in seeing that give my blog a quick follow, its going to be scheduled for a 9am upload UK time. Exciting!

DSC00844The Nail Varnish of choice is Barry M in the shade Ballerina, I feel this shade is the perfect summer colour as it compliments the light and bright colours you feel like wearing this time of year.
Also because of my previously mentioned dermatitis I don’t like to draw too much attention to my hands in the summer as thats when it gets super bad!

The application of this colour can be rather tricky, because its a lighter shade and its a Barry M product you do need an extra coat then normal. This product does give an excellent shine on its own but because I like to add extra shine and strength to my nails I add a quick clear top coat.

Whats your favourite Nail colour at the moment? I also love recommendations!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the super long brush post!

Speak soon,

HollyPop x x

Wanna get Naked Again? : Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

Hey Internet Friends,
I feel like I have done nothing but promise this review since reviewing the Naked 3 (that review can be read here) and because I didn’t want to disappoint you all I’ve taken my time with this one to make it really detailed and really do the product justice. So, are you ready to get Naked again?

naked2.1Just like all the Naked Palettes you get 12 beautiful shades packaged in a strong casing with a double ended shadow brush. The Naked 2 palette was actually the first product I ever bought from Urban Decay and I actually went to the Urban Decay counter to purchase the Naked original palette and the wonderful lady (who now greets me with affectionate smiles) convinced me Naked 2 was the most complimentary to my blue eye colour and complexion.
604214916463_naked2-1The Naked 2 palette is a Taupe toned palette that in my opinion allows you to create both beautiful natural make up and a dramatic shimmered finish look for evening wear.
The woman from Urban Decay was right in saying that palette compliments blue eyes however I feel this palette is so versatile it could create beautiful eyes for everyone.604214916463_naked2_alt2Whats in the Palette:

Foxy: This is a colour that urban decay used to stock in an individual pot and have relaunched for this palette. This is a creamy light colour which I imagined is supposed to act as the base however I find it a little too yellow to work as a full lid base.
Half Baked: This colour is my favourite shade in the palette and the one I find myself using the most in different looks. It is a bronze gold with a shimmer.
Bootycall: Exclusive to the palette and works nicely as a base colour due to the light shimmer.
Chopper: As the name suggests this is a copper shimmer with micro glitter. This is also available individually by Urban Decay and I personally love this colour so much! The only problem with it is the fall down!
Tease: This is such a multipurpose shade, I use this as a subtle crease colour and on lazy days through my eyebrows.  Pale Brown Matte Finish.
Snakebite: Dark bronze shimmer with a metallic finish, Love this for an evening look!
Suspect: Taupe neautral shade with a slight simmer.
Pistol: Beautiful shimmer finish, this is a grey shade with subtle hints of brown. Just sweeping this across the lid can create a beautiful look!
Verve: Beautiful silver/pearl shade with a high shine finish, I love this near the tear duct and just think its so pretty!
YDK: This is a common urban decay favourite and is super easy to apply and wear. Gold/brown/bronze shimmer.
Busted: Dark plummy brown shimmer perfect for complimenting blue eyes.
Blackout: Incredibly pigmented matte black that really is just a beauty staple.

On Skin Examples
Classic daytime look that uses the brown and copper tones within the palette. 
Black, Grey and Silver look perfect for making an impact or a special night out.

My thoughts
As always urban decay hasn’t dissapointed in this palette. This for me is a beauty staple when you consider the amount of looks you can create with this product and the tones and shades used it really is a beauty must have. 

The Naked 2 doesn’t make me feel as special as my Naked 3, its not as girly or as pretty but would I be happy if it wasn’t part of my collection? No. 
I will always repurchase this product because of the true value for money and how useful all these shades are for so many different looks. 
Although, Urban Decay if your out there I am still desperate for a matte palette. Never enough mattes in the naked palettes for my liking. Come on guys?

Do you love or hate the Naked palettes?

What kind of palette would you like to see Urban Decay Create next?

Speak soon,

HollyPop x x

The woman in my life : Bramble bear

Hey Internet Friends,
Bit more of a personal post tonight, I want to share someone very special with you. She completely owns my heart and I count myself incredibly lucky to spend my life with her.
IMG_2669It is of course, my gorgeous Guinea Pig Bramble Bear. 
She’s around 2 years old and was a gift from my fiancé. 
She thinks she is a dog, sleeps in a dog bed, begs for food, chews my stuff and is incredibly adoring. 
I mean, whilst I write this she’s sat right here just keeping me company. 

Now, because we all know each other a little and you’ve all been so lovely to me around here I desperately wanted to show her to you. Hopefully for the moment your reading this the photos I have included will give you the same warm fuzzy feeling she does me.


Speak Soon,

HollyPop x

Quick and Easy Make Up Brush Cleaning

Hey Internet Friends,

Every beauty addicts nightmare is being all excited to try a new make up look and finding your brushes too be a bit dirty and in need of a good clean.
So whats a quick and easy way to spruce them up without too much effort so you can get on with whats important, making yourself feel Great!

This process literally takes 2 minutes.

I found this amazing product whilst browsing around my local superdrug and it has literally changed my life!
Link below as always 🙂
Step 1.
DSC00798Using this amazing product spray all your brushes and leave to soak for around 30 seconds.

Step 2. Rinse!

Step 3.
Take your favourite beautiful smelly soap, I am using The Body Shop Olive Soap for this as I think it smells Divine!
take your brush and massage the bristles into the soap for about another 30 seconds.

You’ll probably only need to do this step for stubborn stained brushes like foundation or bronzer to really get it out from the depths of the bristles.

You really do need to make sure your brushes are rinsed well as you don’t want any soap left over.
When your happy your brushes feel soap free leave them on a ledge to dry to avoid the brushes going misshapen. I normally just use the edge of my dining room table with the brush over the edge.

I don’t really recommend doing this every time you wash your brushes and suggest once a month you do a real antibacterial clean using a Tea Tree based product but for a quick fix I find this perfect!

How do you wash your brushes in a rush?
Do you have any top tips for me?

Products mentioned

Body Shop Soap –

B Brush Cleaner -